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Motorsport Clutch Kits

Xtreme Motorsport Clutch  Kit

Motorsport Clutch Kits

The Xtreme Carbon Multi clutch was developed for extreme horsepower cars that require good modulation characteristics.

Recommended for: Extreme power applications that require good modulation

184mm Motorsport Kits

Designed for high powered circuit, time attack or gymkhana applications, the Xtreme 184mm Race Clutch offers quick shift times and a lightweight construction.

200mm Motorsport Kits

The Xtreme 200mm Rigid Race Clutch is designed for motorsport applications including drifting, circuit racing, rally and hillclimbing.

200mm Sprung Motorsport Kits

The Xtreme 200mm Sprung Race Clutch is designed for street and track use offering exceptional performance in a variety of applications.

230mm Motorsport Kits

The Xtreme Clutch 230mm Race Clutch is available with either ceramic or carbon friction materials, making these kits ideal for high horsepower and motorsport applications where a high heat capacity is required.

230mm & 250mm Organic Motorsport Kits

The Xtreme Clutch 230mm & 250mm twin plate organic clutch kit offers high torque capacity whilst retaining driveability on the street.

270mm Motorsport Kits

The Xtreme Clutch 270mm organic twin plate is designed for high horsepower street and track vehicles, offering improved driveability on the street in comparison to the ceramic equivalents.