KBU26001-1C | Clutch Kit - Xtreme Performance Heavy Duty Cushioned Ceramic


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The stage two clutch uses an upgraded pressure plate combined with a ceramic friction disc in cushioned configurations.

The stage two clutch range is designed for road and track going vehicles that require a higher torque capacity and temperature tolerance, and faster engagement. Clutch engagement is more aggressive than stage 1, so it is not recommended for daily driven vehicles.

These kits feature a high quality cover with increased clamping force compared with standard, between 20-40% depending on the demands of the individual vehicle. They use a ceramic friction disc with multiple segments to provide a similar working temperature range as ‘1B’ discs but with slightly smoother engagement.

This kit is used more rarely, but it is available for situations such as low speed trial, track where the operator encounters temperatures that are too high for organic and consequently need a higher temperature clutch but with better modulation than ‘1B’. Usually customers only purchase this option if they have previously used a ‘1A’ and found it insufficient due to the operator’s driving style or the particular demands of the vehicle.